Eugene Steiner

Mr. Eugenio Steiner was originally from Argentina, he began studying the clarinet at age 11. Having completed the music course at the Conservatorio Nacional de Argentina, he was awarded a scholarship by Gary Burton and Joe Viola at the Berklee College of Music to study in Boston.

After 4 years of study in the United States he returned to Argentina and played in various big band and jazz groups. Eugenio was also dedicated to music education and promoting woodwinds instruments. He was teaching at Conservatorio de Música Julián Aguirre and several private schools in Argentina, teaching Jazz composition, harmony and improvisation, also clarinet and saxophone.

Since 2003, Eugenio moved to Switzerland. He had performed in several local musical events as soloist on clarinet and saxophone; joined many bands like Dani Felber Big Band and Atlantis Big Band and being the soloist in the Swiss Army Big Band under the direction of Pepe Lienhart. He continued his passion on encouraging young generation to study Jazz Music and leaning woodwind instruments, teaching privately and in several music schools like Musikschule Herisau. Eugenio had recently written a textbook for jazz improvisation “Patterns for Jazz Improvisation”, which was especially suited for saxophone, flute and clarinet.

Eugenio joined Antigua family at 2016; he is playing the Power Bell alto saxophone in vintage copper finish (AS4240VC).