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Find the Music in You

Antigua Winds was created with the passion and desire of giving anyone the opportunity to play music.


Antigua is committed to excellence and understands in order to achieve excellence we must constantly adapt to the ever-changing market. Antigua's dedication to quality and reliable service continues to be our driving force and every attempt is made to over-deliver on this promise. We set and maintain strict production and quality standards at our own factories. Then, before shipping to our customer each instrument is hand inspected for any fine adjustments to ensure its playability and tuning. We stand behind our products and guarantee you with its best performance.


Our passion is our product and our commitment is to you, our customers. We offer sales and marketing support to fit the specific needs in individual countries. We understand that it is different and unique in every part of the world; therefore we listen to our distributors to provide the service especially designed according to your needs. We invest in our manufacturing facilities, as well as the research and development to set the standards as an industry leader. Simply put, we are 100% committed to being the best that we can be and to earn your trust as a partner.


Our quality and services can be testified by our distributors over 60 countries. Be part of our family and let us know what we can do for you today! Write to us now, we'd love to hear from you!